After details are sorted out with the Office of Thorley and Sons: contact is made with the Parish priest [or the Priest or Parish Personnel designated by him in his absence] to confirm date/time of the Requiem Mass or Funeral Service.

A meeting is then scheduled.

In this meeting, the liturgy is discussed in detail.

It is important to note that the music used in the Church must be sacred music or dignified music. Songs or music special to the deceased may be used at the cemetery.

In particular, what the Church requires in her Rites, the hymns, the readings from Sacred Scripture, the Eulogy and various roles that can be undertaken by the family or friends of the deceased. The details are recorded and emailed to Thorley & Sons, who prepare the Service Booklet.

In case another priest [a friend or relative of the family] is desired to be present at the funeral or for any other request other than the usual procedures, these matters will be discussed and arranged with and through the Parish Priest.

Stole Fee for Funerals is: $300.00. The Stole Fee goes to the parish.

The above applies even if Funeral Celebration is held at the Crematorium. It also applies if another priest from outside the Parish conducts the funeral.